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Google Ads Agency in India Can Help You To Get More Customers.

With millions of companies utilising Google Ads on a daily basis worldwide, it’s evident just by the sheer number of ads you come across during a Google search. This powerful tool aids in attracting specific customers to your website, making it an ideal choice if your aim is to expand your online customer base. In fact, we have successfully overseen more than 200 Google Ads campaigns in the past 14+ years.

Why Google Ads:

Did you know that a whopping 99% of individuals in the UAE rely on Google for their search queries? This means that there are thousands of potential customers out there actively looking for products and services like yours on a daily basis. By identifying the right keywords and creating effective ad campaigns, we can ensure that your offerings are prominently displayed to these users when they search. And when they click on your ad, they will be directed to your website with the intention to make a purchase. This presents a fantastic opportunity for you to generate new leads and reach out to them, offering your top-notch products or services.

Google Ads India:

  • Before you dive into advertising on Google, it’s crucial to consider the following factors. Firstly, what are your advertising goals? It’s essential to have a clear objective in mind. Are you aiming for increased sales, brand promotion, more website traffic, app downloads, or video views?
  • Next, think about the benefits you offer and your competitive edge. Why should a customer choose to buy from you? Highlighting these unique selling points will help attract potential customers.
  • Additionally, understanding your target audience is vital. Who are your ideal customers? This knowledge will guide your messaging and creative choices, ensuring they resonate with your target market.
  • Furthermore, evaluate the quality of your landing pages. Are they optimised for conversions? It’s also important to utilise conversion tracking and remarketing techniques to maximise your advertising efforts.

By considering these points, you’ll be well-prepared to advertise effectively on Google and achieve your desired results.

Types of Google Ads Campaign:

  • Ensure you have an effective landing page with enticing offers if you wish to promote your business on Google Search. This form of advertising may be costly, but every click holds great value.
  • To increase your brand’s visibility and familiarise people with your concept, idea, or tutorial, consider running display or banner ads. These types of advertisements are budget-friendly and can effectively showcase visuals and videos.
  • Utilise the power of YouTube advertising by incorporating video ads to narrate your brand’s story. With a pay-per-view model, this strategy can significantly enhance your brand message and create a lasting impact.

Leads India is a Certified Google Ads Partner. We do the following:

  • Campaign Setup & Strategy
  • A/B Testing on landing pages
  • AdWords credit on new accounts
  • Monitoring clicks, conversions & click fraud activity
  • Ongoing keyword development and tweaking
  • Ad campaign copywriting
  • Ad copy performance testing
  • International PPC campaign management
  • Setup and management of rule-based bidding
  • Google analytics integration & goal tracking
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Results analysis/reporting
  • Website conversion analysis implementation
  • PPC account settings monitoring (Ex. Geo targeting)
  • Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
  • Landing Page design & implementation
  • Monthly performance & analysis reporting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategic bid management
  • Account Optimization Tips

Advertise on Google – The Benefits

Brand Awareness:

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, this is the perfect option for you. Your message will be showcased through Text Ads, Image Ads, and Rich Text Media & Video Ads on well-known platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Gulf news, and other leading websites worldwide (GDN). Your ads will reach users as they browse and engage with top websites. With this campaign, you’ll gain valuable insights into:

  •  The number of users who view your ads
  •  The number of users who click on your ads and visit your website.

Website Traffic:

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, this is the ultimate solution. With this option, your ads will be displayed on both Google Search and the Google Display network, ensuring maximum visibility. By utilising this method, you’ll attract a significant number of clicks and visitors to your website. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable insights such as the number of users who viewed your ads, the number of users who clicked on your ads and visited your website, as well as information about your website visitors.

Lead Generation:

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, this is the perfect solution. Our ads are specifically targeted towards users who have shown interest in your product or service. By utilising conversion tracking and remarketing technology, we ensure that your ads are optimised to attract only those users who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. This means that you’ll not only see an increase in website visits, but also potential calls and sales leads. With our comprehensive analytics, you’ll have access to valuable information such as the number of users who have viewed your ads, the number of users who have clicked on your ads and visited your website, as well as the number of leads, sales, and calls you receive on a daily basis. Additionally, we provide detailed measurements of your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and ROI (Return on Investment), allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Google Ads Management Process:

Are you ready to kickstart your Google Ads campaign? Here are some important points to consider and our step-by-step process:

1. Determine your Google Ads Objective: Whether it’s driving traffic, increasing awareness, promoting app downloads, generating leads, or boosting online sales, we’ll help you define your campaign goal.

2. Identify your Landing Page: Once your objective is set, we’ll work with you to select the most effective landing page for your ads. This is crucial for maximizing conversions.

3. Set Up Targeting Options: We’ll dive into the details of your targeting options, including location, budget, creatives, offers, messaging, and campaign types. This ensures that your ads reach the right audience.

4. Create Your Google Ads Account: We’ll create your Google Ads account and set up the campaign based on the objectives and targeting options we’ve discussed.

5. Review and Approval: After setting up keywords, ads, remarketing, and conversion tracking, we’ll send the campaign to you for approval. We want to make sure everything aligns with your vision.

6. Go Live: Once we’ve tested the form, tracking, and received your approval, we’ll publish your ads and make them live for the world to see.

7. Continuous Monitoring: We’ll keep a close eye on your campaign, checking metrics and analysing results every two days. This allows us to make data-driven decisions and optimise performance.

8. Feedback is Key: We value your feedback! We encourage you to share your thoughts on the campaign’s results so that we can make necessary adjustments and improve performance.

9. Long-Term Strategy: We recommend running the ads for a minimum of three months. During the initial weeks, we learn and implement changes to enhance effectiveness.

10. Results and Growth: Over time, your campaign’s performance will improve, and you’ll start seeing tangible results. Many of our clients continue running successful Google Ads campaigns with us for months and even years.

11. Our Commitment: Our ultimate goal is to improve your marketing results. We follow industry best practices and continuously strive to deliver exceptional performance.

Let’s get started on your Google Ads journey and achieve remarkable marketing success together!


PPC Management, Ads Campaign Management Fees. Since your goals are different, your prices are different.

Digital More, a certified Google ads agency in India, is here to assist you in running effective Pay per click (PPC) campaigns and other Google advertising services. Our team of Google Ads management experts in India is well-versed in creating highly successful ads across various platforms such as search, display, shopping, video, remarketing, and more. If you’re in need of professional Google ads services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Leads India, the leading Google Ads management company in UAE, today.

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